Is this the most expensive iPhone case ever?

They call it the Titanium Bumper because that’s just what it’s supposed to be. And it is. So, you now not only have bumper that absorbs all the shocks that clumsy hands can subject your iPhone 6 or 6S to, but you also have titanium to keep bullets at bay. The two-piece design requires friction to put together and does away with the complexities of screws and screwdrivers for a change. To protect your phone from scratches and shocks, a black rubber bumper is placed around the edges of your iPhone. That done, your precious handset is cloaked in an aerospace grade 5 Titanium Advent bumper making it look like a smartphone counterpart for The Centurions.

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That said, not many would be willing to pay a lot more for an accessory that the actual phone but that’s also where the design of the covering scores big. The guys at Gray International will be producing only 100 such devices. The devices come with an engraving on the body with a serial number that could well be the differentiator for each of the devices.
The website lists this celebrated accessory at $1000. It goes without saying that being a limited edition case, the Titanium Bumper could well run out of stock soon.


[ Available at : Gray-International ]

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