World’s most expensive iPad Mini case is worth $700,000

Ok, the iPhone 5 and iPad mini is high on most gadget lover’s wish list. But why do you need to be one in a crowd when you can be a cut above the rest and go for one studded with sapphires and diamonds? This dream can come true, courtesy of the Natural Sapphire Company, which is getting a stunning iPad Mini Case ready for the world to marvel at. After the shimmering iPhone 5 case, the company is offering a new accessory for the smaller variant of the iPad, set in 18-carat “high polished white gold” chassis. The case features 3,328 natural Ceylon blue sapphires weighing 599 carats, with the Apple encrusted with 50 round brilliant diamonds totaling 5 carats.

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So if you are a gadget-loving lady, the company tells you to “leave the clutch at home and make the iPad Mini their accessory of choice.” The shimmering case can be yours for $700,000 (you can pay up in three installments of $233,334 if you have more holiday purchases to take care of)!

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