Fancy a 24k limited edition statue of Mickey Mouse?

Mickey Mouse is one of popular culture’s most enduring and well-loved figures. Mickey’s face has been splashed across all kinds of merchandise but this time the mouse is getting the royal treatment. Leblon Delienne- a company that specializes in creating statues, design furniture and art pieces- has debuted a new figurine: Gold Mickey.

Standing at a height of 1.4 m, the statue depicts the familiar cartoon mouse with a cheery expression and an outstretched arm. According to the brand, “Mickey Mouse is the most famous fictional character in the world. Since his creation in 1928, the public has been enchanted by this enthusiastic, dynamic, courageous and audacious character. By becoming a universal Pop Culture icon, Mickey Mouse inspired Leblon Delienne to create the Gold Mickey figurine.”

The statue is a limited edition with 1,928 pieces created, each one priced at $15,200. If you want to snag a Gold Mickey but don’t have the space, you can always consider the 30 cm version (prices start at $200).

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