The $102,419 bicycle by Aurumania is world’s most expensive

We have seen many unique items that fall in the world’s most expensive products category. Here is another item that has joined this list. No, it’s not another pen or mobile phone but a stunning 24k gold plated and Swarovski crystal-studded bicycle! Boasting of more than 600 shiny crystals, this bike has been hand-built. It is a creation of a company named Aurumania, whose self-proclaimed purpose is to conceive and design items with the extravagant use of gold, thereby turning familiar objects into collectible art. This unique bicycle is limited to just 10 units, so if you think you can risk riding this precious bike without fear of getting robbed, go on, we aren’t criticizing. A great bike for the rich and famous people who promote eco-friendly modes of transport will definitely live up to their luxurious standards. The handlebar grips are made of hand-sewn, chocolate-brown leather, while the saddle boasts of molded Brooks leather. A limited-edition number is discreetly embossed with gold leaf, and set into a leather badge, placed prominently on the bike’s front. And finally, the bike pays tribute to its makers as it displays the Aurumania logo on the crossbar.

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Priced at $102,418.60, the limited edition bike is available exclusively from The bikes are delivered personally using White Glove service and the lucky buyer is also provided with a matching gold and crystal wall mountable rack. And for all those who hate the ‘shiny’ factor, the company has also come up with 50 bikes without the crystals.
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