Carl Mertens Wine Thermometer for wine buffs

However expensive or economical your wine is, serving it at the right temperature is vital! Cause red wines are often served too warm and white wines too cool. If you are a passionate wine drinker or wanna gift someone who is a wine enthusiast, then Carl Mertens Wine Thermometer is just the right thing. This unique thermometer clips around a wine bottle and within a minute or so, the temperature of the wine appears on the heat-sensitive band. If the temperature is within the range for the type of wine indicated on the part of the band, the wine is at its prime temperature and ready to be served.

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Waste no time over some other thermometers that require batteries or wires as this nifty gadget displays the exact temperature of a bottle without any hassles. Tagged at $40, this gadget is the best bargain to enjoy your wines truly.

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