Costing $1 million, this is not a rare Patek Philippe but an Apple Watch

The Apple Watch 4 definitely made it my bucket list. Frankly, I hesitated initially to spend $529 on Apple’s latest gizmo, but I convinced myself that it was more of a lifestyle investment then a piece of fashion.

I find it somewhat astonishing to believe that someone would spend $28,995 on the Apple Watch produced by Brikk. Yes, granted it does adorn a generous amount of gold and precious gems, but it does seem a tad bit expensive to me.

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The uber glam gadget may be encased with precious stones and entail a gold band, but that’s pretty much the only difference. The 44mm screen remains the same between the standard model and this ridiculously expensive one.

Just to let you know, the range starts at $28,995 and can command up to $1 million. At the meagre $28,995, all you get is an 18K gold casing in yellow, rose or white gold; and an alligator leather strap. Update to a gold band, and be ready to dish out an additional $30,000.

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