Could this be the most luxurious TV in the world? Its 100 inches wide, has a gold plated stand and costs $130,000

British high-end TV maker Aquavision has launched its most luxurious offering to date. Called the DB100, the LCD screen measures a whopping 100 inches and has a resolution of 4K. But there’s a lot more to the DBB100 than its gigantic size and the UHD display; it comes with a blinged-out 24-carat gold plated stand and surrounds, while the TV’s audio hardware was created in partnership with Bang & Olufsen. The TV is also waterproof, which makes it perfect for luxury yachts and outdoor installations. You might have already guessed that the Aquavision DB100 won’t be cheap. In fact, it comes with a sticker price of £100,000 (roughly $130,000 USD) and is exclusively available at Harrods in Central London.

Despite the steep pricing of the Aquavision DB100 TV, the company says it has already received many orders from the UK, The Middle East and the USA. “This is our ultimate luxury television. It is a major statement piece that people with style and wealth can enjoy. We believe it is the most stunning and unique television ever produced in the world,” said Aquavision founder and managing director Alastair Benn. “There is a growing demand for luxury electronic items from consumers around the world and the TV market is no different.”

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