Designed to look like the Tesla Cybertruck this $5,000 iPhone 11 is nearly indestructible

iPhones are generally considered fragile – one fall and they could potentially end up with cracks. However, solving this dilemma for you in a rather luxe manner is Caviar that has recently introduced a modified version of the phone, inspired by Tesla’s Cybertruck. Yes, that’s right!

The rather chic phone comes with a titanium body and borrows design cues from the Cybertruck for the phone’s “geometry of lines, simplicity of forms, and versatility of materials.” It further features a folding titanium case that doubles as a kickstand for when you want to catch a movie on the go. The super-luxe phone is limited to only 99 units and is said to retail for an undisclosed price that only a few of us can afford.

In describing the phone, Caviar’s official webpage reads – “The titanium body of the smartphone is protected all round from any outer mechanical impact: the back cover, sides and even the screen are hidden under metal plates. At that, the total protection of the body does not violate, but even enhances the smartphone’s functionality: now, if you wish to use your favorite apps with comfort or have video calls, the folding titanium screen protection is transformed into a comfortable holder.”

Fancy a tesla- inspired iPhone for yourself?

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[Via: Autoevolution]

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