Designer force – What if Issey Miyake and Zaha Hadid designed the light saber

Star Wars mania is definitely in the air! The recent trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens has intrigued and excited fans of the franchise and the world is buzzing with anticipation. From fashion to home décor our favorite futuristic characters have inspired a range of products that will please every kind of fan. Most recently, a San Francisco based design and research company called Y Studios has launched ‘design x saber’- a project through which they will reimagine the Star Wars franchise’s iconic lightsaber weapons in the aesthetics of famous designers like Zaha Hadid, Charles & Ray Eames, Issey Miyake, Edith Heath and Dieter Rams.

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The company will release a series of videos each of which explores one designer and the process of designing and creating a lightsaber from their perspective.

Zaha Hadid
The curvy and intricate handle of this piece is very much in keeping with Hadid’s previous work. The abstract cutouts are reminiscent of the design for the hotel that she designed last year.

Issey Miyake
Inspired by samurai swords and geometry the Issey Miyake lightsaber is sharp and edgy just like the designer’s unconventional designs. The handle particularly references the designer’s Bao Bao bag.

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Charles and Ray Eames
The iconic Eames Lounge Chair has inspired this wood handled take on the lightsaber. Featuring a walnut wood finish, cream or dark sable leather and lack metal in satin or chrome metal the handle is inspired by modernism and mixed materials.

Dieter Rams
Created from white high gloss plastic and matte or satin aluminum with an orange accent color, this linear and minimalist design inspired by Dieter Rams would look at home in the Star Wars movies.

Learn more about the project and watch all the videos here:

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