Diamond studded mouse outdoes every other mouse in the world!

If Jerry happens to be your favorite mouse (Tom and Jerry fame, duh!) then I guess you can add a new contender to the favorite- mouse-list. This is not only better cause it is made of white gold, 18k, and diamonds but you can also be sure that your cheese ain’t going anywhere. The diamond flower mouse is made by the Swiss company Pat and has fifty-nine brilliant-cut diamonds that come up to two carats studded on top of it in the shape of a flower and an unattractive black trackball too. What’s good is that if you don’t happen to like the flower pattern too much you can get it custom made as per your wish.

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The optical mouse features a scroll ball (the same ugly one) and is compact which makes it perfect for travel. I don’t know how many would want to travel with that because not only is it gold and diamonds but is also worth a lot of moolah, to be precise…$25,030. But then it’s worth it for sure (I guess!)

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