Gilded with 24K Gold, Warwick’s Limited Edition Gold Aperio headphones are every audiophile’s dream

In the world of audio, we’ve seen great lengths surpassed to achieve the ultimate audial experience for listeners. Warwick Acoustics has frequently studded its galaxy of audio devices with some splendid pieces. The company has always focussed on creating ground-breaking products that are designed to create the finest listening experiences. Warwick’s claim to fame includes their line of headphones and their stunning in-car ElectroAcoustic audio solutions, which is the first of its kind in the world.

The Limited Edition variant of their Gold APERIO headphones is a special entry. Draped in 24K gold across the ensemble, the headphones have been plated and hand-finished in Birmingham’s historic ‘Jewellery Quarter’. The headphones’ design is based on Warwick’s ‘Complete System Design’ methodology, which ensures that every element in the path of the sound – from source to ear – is developed and engineered in a homogenous process. It arrives in a durable travel case, accompanied by electronics and accessories. The case is made by Pelican Products Inc. and is waterproof, crushproof, and dustproof. Once you open the case, you’re greeted by the ensemble within, which is adequately gold, without dousing everything into excess. The case’s opening is symbolic as it reminds you of the Latin meaning of APERIO, which is to reveal. The headphone grilles, the hardware accompaniment, and the front panel of the amplifier lie sitting royally, in hand-finished 99.9999% pure 24-karat gold. Each piece is numbered to mark its ‘limited edition’ credential.

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While the appearance of the Gold APERIO may make it seem like a good accessory, it is truly intended for high-end audio applications that require fidelity and ultra-high resolution. The APERIO is a fully networkable audio system that allows digital audio reproduction of native or higher sample rate PCM formats to 384 kHz. What’s more, all the audio signals managed by the system are kept in their native formats. The Gold APERIO ensures that analog sounds will always remain analog, giving listeners a pure, unadulterated experience to enjoy. There is a Line Output section so that you can extend the system’s capabilities, with both balanced and unbalanced output settings in place. Audio levels are monitored on the front panel, on a high-resolution display. The display helps alert listeners about faults such as disconnected cables or overheating as well. It helps preserve the headphones and prevent damage.

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Thanks to the Warwick’s proprietary planar electrostatic technology, the audial joys of the APERIO are exclusive and can only be experienced with them. The limited-edition headphones use the highest grade and closest matched BD-HPEL transducers, which deliver the best performance compared to any of its siblings. This transducer was initially developed for the SONOMA Model One headphone system by Warwick Acoustics. You do not miss the most minute details and enjoy what you set out to listen to, without distortion getting in the way. It is compatible with all leading systems, with firmware that can be updated via USB, using a simple APP for Windows, Linux, or MAC host.

Warwick Acoustics proudly states that the Gold APERIO is built without compromises, and the many testimonies of those who have heard it or own it simply echo the claim. Building products from the ground up has given the company an edge as it truly owns the engineering and ensures that the vision that it sets out with is matched with each new release. The Limited Edition Gold APERIO is available for $35,000.

[Available at Warwick Acoustics]

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