Gilded Infini 3D multimedia LED display launched by Chirita Paris

Whoever said that 3D is a dead technology, has to stand up and take notice of the glasses-free 3D LED Display using an asymmetrical design called Infinity. A patented luxury screen the infini3D multimedia TV from Chirita Paris offers stunning picture quality of 3D images minus the dorky looking glasses. The use of the LED backlighting coupled with the “3D stereo display” alongside the electronic mechanism for the tilt makes it a perfect office display screen. To take it to the next level, you can attach a computer with “sensitive keyboard” nestled under the glass desk top and a Hi-fi audio system chair with wireless-compatible 5.1 and 7.1 system for a complete and coordinate display experience. Also this model is handcrafted with gold leaf covered metal parts like brass, bronze, rare marble, malachite and lapis lazuli.
Update – The starting price Infinite Multimedia 3D LED Display is 38,000 Euros ($53,400).

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Workroom computer model Infini3D.jpg
You will also get an authenticity certificate of ‘Made in France’ for this system by Chirita Paris.
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