Gold plated and costing $10,000 – Could this be the most expensive and absurd keyboard in the world?

Remember the episode from Friends where Joey gifts a gold bracelet to Chandler? “…he has to get me the woman repeller, the eyesore from the Liberace house of crap,” Chandler shrieks in disgust, describing it. We have found the mechanical keyboard equivalent of that gold bracelet which is going into our list of weird things from CES 2020. Taiwanese brand Adata displayed a 24-karat gold plated version of its XPG Summoner gaming keyboard, and it looks just as ugly as one will presume it to be. Tomshardware reports that the gold-covered keyboard is currently not on sale (thankfully!) that it has been created as a gifting item for VIPs like the company’s partners. According to the tech website, the company even gifted the gold keyboard to a member of the Thai royal family.

Mechanically, the keyboard is identical to the regular XPG Summoner keyboard and features 104 keys with RGB backlighting, media control buttons, and a USB port to attach a mouse. The keycaps, along with the base of the keyboard, are 24-karat gold plated. Even the wrist rest is wrapped in a material that matches the matte gold finish of the keyboard. An Adata representative told Tomshardware that the gold keyboard costs about $2,500 to make, but it will be priced at around $10,000 if the company decides to sell it. But, you’ll have to be blind and ready to throw ten grand down the drain to buy that; Or, you can just buy the regular version for a little more than $100.

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[Via – Toms Hardware]

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