Gold plated iPad Pro 9.7 inch is available for pre-order

While many would like to have their professional worktops enabled with the best technology to cater to the high demand for efficiency, there are also those who seek a fair share of style. This is just where the irresistible offerings of Truly Exquisite come in. The UK luxury customization firm has introduced a 9.7-inch iPad Pro that comes in 24-karat gold. The device in all its daintiness was launched at an Apple event in California. As expected by the brand, as soon as the gilded professional tablet went up on sale, orders started flowing in.

“I think the new iPad Pro has been an announcement many people have welcomed, and we are thrilled to announce the 3 luxury finishes we will be offering to customers”, says CEO of Truly Exquisite, Kunal Patel. “We are already working on special limited edition iPads that we will release along with the standard luxury plated finishes, we want our products, as well as our customers to stand out from what’s available in the market and these designs certainly will do that.”

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Truly Exquisite present their specially modified products with flair and style, which is why 24-karat 9.7-inch iPad Pro will be available in a luxury wooden display, an authenticity certificate a free Apple Smart Keyboard. The device will be dispatched 2-3 weeks after the official release date and will cost £1,850 ($2,612).

[ Available at : Trulyexquisite ]

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