Gresso launches the Cruiser Titanium for ladies

Who said technology is only meant for men? For technologically savvy women, Gresso has launched its limited edition of a pearl white Cruiser Titanium; marrying functionality with style. The handset is inspired by the femininity of the color white which gives the phone a romantic yet sophisticated look. A high intensity complex procedure results in this stylish phone using high-precision equipment from a solid titanium slab. The round key buttons are precisely cut from stainless steel and hand polished by master craftsmen. Not only is it an innovative work of art, it is also only available in a limited edition of 999 pieces.

Gresso’s Cruiser Titanium for ladies will be much appreciated by women who value the finer nuances of technology in its supreme forms. This striking phone is priced at $3000 and marries delicate design and flawless performance.

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[Available at Gresso]