Inspired by the delicacy caviar this diamond studded Apple Watch costs $40,000

While the Apple Watch is one of the most premium fitness devices on the planet and yes, its price tag says so too; Russian company Caviar has found a way to overprice the existing collection of Apple Watches. Personally, I feel Caviar is for those who have millions stacked in their Swiss bank accounts somewhere. Why else, would you adorn a USD 40,000 Apple Watch on your wrist?

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Inspired by red, black and white caviar, Caviar’s latest collection of Apple Watch Series 4 is encased with rubies, black precious stones, and white diamonds, respectively. The ridiculously priced sets of devices are part of the recently curated “Gourmet” collection and entail a total of 633 precious stones.

Indeed, one could speculate how so many stones could possibly fit on a watch, and here’s the gist; the stones are embedded all over the watch case and the golden strap, each a millimeter and a half in size.

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So we’re talking $37,650 for the ruby version, $41,390 for the black stone variation, and $43,850 for the diamond one. Breathe! Caviar has unveiled a more “affordable” version that isn’t festooned with precious stones, but they are thankfully engraved with 7 microns of gold and sport Caviar etchings on the side.

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