Meet the Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift – a $1.5 Million Diamond Studded Ford Kuga

If you’re worried about what to get your lovely lady this Valentine’s day and looking for a way to completely out-do anything you’ve ever done before and earn brownie points by the ton, then Jennings Ford Direct has the answer. Diamond’s are a girl’s best friend and while one would surely make your beloved extremely happy, imagine what a million could do?

ford-kuga-diamond-encrusted-3Although Jennings Ford Direct already created a diamond-encrusted Kuga for Valentine’s Day, it must have been a big hit with the ladies as the company is now offering to do the same for any vehicle for a sum of $1,520,870 (One Million Pounds). The cars undergo a specialized “diamond pain-job” that’s designed to neither rust nor tarnish nor scratch. Each of the diamonds are applied by hand so naturally the wait time for the car in all its glittering glory is around two months. The existing diamond and Swarovski crystal studded Ford Kuga is available for sale for the fee of $1,520,870 (One Million Pounds). It features well over 1 million diamonds and crystals. What worries me is parking this car anywhere on the street? I’m not sure if we’d come back to find just the undercarriage, interiors and tires minus the entire body or find just a shredded car minus any glitter waiting for you. I wonder if you’d also need a ‘drive-in’ vault big enough for this car at your home?

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ford-kuga-diamond-encrusted-1Of course diamond studded cars aren’t altogether a new concept and have been around for ages. Just ask the guys from the Middle East or check out Mercedes’ 50th anniversary collection that included the famously diamond studded SL550.

So in this ultimate act of love, think of it as a two for one deal; a car and a car load of diamonds to boot! Now how can you go wrong with that?!

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[Via – AM-Online]