JBL unveils the Synthesis One Array ML Premier for $88,100

Although you might consider overlooking most HTiB systems, but the latest one from JBL Synthesis and Mark Levinson definitely needs to be given more than just a glance. With an asking price of $88,100, the Synthesis One Array ML Premier is one mean piece of home audio equipment. Comprising of a combination of the best of Harman Audio’s brands together in one system, the Synthesis One Array ML Premier is truly a class apart. The system provides all the speakers, interconnects them along with the digital equalizer and THX Sound Processor, while the four Mark Levinson 500H Series Amps power everything. However, the price tag does not include installation and calibration charges. If those are included, the price of this HTiB can reach up to a cool $100,000.

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Don’t forget once you buy an HTiB you need to invest in a display/projector, a remote control and all such things that ensure a great home theater viewing experience.
So if all these costs don’t manage to break a sweat on your brow, then you must definitely go ahead and splurge on this home audio equipment.

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