Lego shows off a 2,624 brick built NES console and a retro TV that replicates playing Super Mario

Thirty years ago I came across Super Mario and my world changed- I was always a Mario-playing, Mario obsessed kid (and I still am). Now, thirty years later my present days are getting a major makeover thanks to a collaboration between Nintendo and Lego. If the concept of a perfect marriage exists it has to be this iconic union of two stalwarts that made childhood magical for every 80’s and 90’s kid. Come August 1, you’ll be able to build your own Lego version of the Nintendo Entertainment System console that means the controller, Super Mario Bros. game cartridge, and a 1980s style TV, basically the works. Adult fans take a trip down memory-lane by building a mechanically functional version of an all-time favorite console with LEGO bricks. You can actually move Mario around the game course by using a knob on the side of the TV. This function makes it possible to move the course around, customize it and play as Mario, doing what he does best i.e. tackling jumps and bumping Goombas in real-time. The set is a massive one with 2,646 pieces. Maarten Simons, a creative lead on Lego Nintendo Entertainment System said, “Super Mario has been a cherished figure in the gaming world for over thirty years now. With the LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System, we’re letting them truly indulge in that nostalgia, recreating one of the most-loved consoles of all time so they can see the Super Mario from their childhoods once again – and even to share the experience of gaming in the 1980s with their own children.”

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You can get the set on the official LEGO site when it releases on August 1, 2020. It’ll cost $229.99.

[Via: Geekologie]

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