Watch this Lego machine create a perfect breakfast of bacon and eggs

With automation and machine technology progressing at such a rapid pace these days, it’s not a long a shot to imagine that’s soon our meals might be prepared by robots or machines. But did you ever imagine that that machine would be made completely from Legos? It’s true! Youtuber ‘the Brick Wall’ creates plenty of objects using legos, from rumbas to submarines, but the creator’s most astonishing revelation may be this Lego breakfast machine that flawlessly created a bacon and eggs breakfast that looked pretty delicious.

The machine is made up of multiple parts each one with its own job. This includes an egg cracker that slowly and painstakingly taps, and splits eggs into a pan; a spatula car to move the eggs in the pan; a claw picks up shakers to sprinkle salt and pepper onto the meal. The process is slow and tedious, but everything is executed perfectly. The machine even manages to not get any bits of eggshell into the pan! We know humans who still can’t do that!

The youtuber captioned his video with this sweet message, my father cooks breakfast every Saturday and Sunday – it is 104 times a year! He deserved this present. While it would take too long to have breakfast made like this every day, we’re sure the Brick Wall’s dad appreciates the Lego gesture!


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