Leica pays homage to photo journalists across the world with a limited edition camera that comes with kevlar armor and a stealthy look

Leica has revealed its latest limited edition camera that celebrates the company’s 40th-anniversary of the Leica Oskar Barnack Award for outstanding reportage photography. The new Leica M10-P “Reporter” limited edition rangefinder camera, as the name suggests, is directed towards photojournalists rather than hobbyists. The design of the limited edition Leica camera has been borrowed from the fact that photojournalists demand the cameras to be inconspicuous to avoid unnecessary attention and as rugged as possible to survive rough handling. The M10-P “Reporter” gets a tough, scratch-resistant dark green finish on the top and bottom plate along with black Kevlar armoring wrapped around the body for grip and protection. According to Leica, the limited edition is “suited to even the toughest environments.”

The limited-edition is based on the brand’s M-10P camera, which is an evolution of the popular M10 rangefinder. The camera’s highlights are its discreet looks with even the prominent red Leica dot missing and a shutter that Leica says is the quietest of any M camera ever. Leica also states that the Kevlar grip will gradually will patina over time with exposure to natural UV rays from the sun to match the color of the top and bottom plates. Even all the engravings on the camera body are done in a way to make it stealthy. Leica has already started to accept pre-orders for the camera and only 450 units of the Leica M10-P “Reporter” will be made. In case you want one, be ready to shell out $8,795, which is just $1000 more expensive than the regular M10-P.

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