Louis Vuitton just made flying easier thanks to their luggage tracker

Louis Vuitton known you love your monogram luggage so they’ve partnered with Sigfox to create a luggage tracker that makes tracking your checked luggage easy. The luggage tracker is available as an additional accessory for the Horizon 50, 55 and 70 models and can be easily clipped on with minimal fuss. Its low energy consumption means you don’t have to worry about it dying mid-trip

Called the Louis Vuitton Echo, the device can be tracked using the LV Pass app on your smartphone or Tambour Horizon smartwatch. The device can be used for international trips too since it uses Sigfox’s Monarch service that allows the Echo to operate all over the world, by automatically recognizing and adapting to the local radiofrequency’s standards. The Echo can even detect when the bag has been opened.

Just 4 inches long, the tracker promises to make flying much less stressful for those who tend to worry about their luggage. It is priced at $370 and can be purchased through the Louis Vuitton e-store. If you’re interested in buying one, check out this list of airports where Echo’s Monarch service operates: Louis Vuitton

[Available at:Louis Vuitton]

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