Meet Fuuron, a tiny robot that will help you prepare a healthy and enjoyable bath

This cute-looking floating bath toy is actually an IoT (Internet of Things) device from the Land of the Rising Sun. Called the “Fuuron,” the tiny robot has been created by Japanese company Hakuhodo to make baths more enjoyable and safer at the same time. The Fuuron is fitted with different sensors that constantly monitors different parameters, including the temperature of the water, and alerts its users with the help of built-in LED. According to the makers of the tiny bath robot, the user can set a preferred temperature of the bath along with a timer using a dedicated app for the Fuuron.

YouTube video

The Fuuron also has preset modes that includes, such as skin beautification mode, “hay fever mode and diet mode, which helps the user set the bath with appropriate temperature and time to prevent various health issue. The Fuuron also comes with a special mode created for the elderly to deal with the growing number of bathing accidents. The device automatically sends a warning message to the close relatives when it senses an emergency. The device is still in its prototype phase; the company exhibiting it at the World Hot Spring Summit to be held in Beppu, Japan on May 26th, where it will look for collaborative partners to develop the product for a commercial launch in 2019.


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