MagicBath whirlpool tub surrounds your newborn with bubbles and colors

If you love to pamper your baby with all the goodness of the world, then the MagicBath should excite you. The innovative baby bath for newborns aged 0-12 months helps you give your baby a wholesome bathing experience. The tub has been created using acrylic and features an air massage system. It has been designed to offer perfect ergonomic support to a newborn.

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The tub also features six LED lights at the bottom consisting of primary colors that also give your baby the benefits of chromotherapy along with a soft air massage to let it relax.
The tub sports a “magic relax” cycle based on the color sequence of blue-indigo-violet, which will surely make your kid a happy kid.
Update –
The net price is around €2,300 ($2,900).

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