At $2 million, this is the most expensive bathtub in the world and its made from a special wood

We’ve seen a lot of extravagant bathtubs in the past few years and we can attest to the fact that there really is a bathtub out there for every kind of millionaire. This one has HD TVs and surround-sound for the entertainment seeker; jewelry lovers will enjoy this gold and crystal covered design; and of course, here’s one for all the carbon fiber enthusiasts.

And for those deep pocketed luxury lovers, who want nothing but the rarest and finest of objects in their home, there’s this bathtub made of petrified wood. Some of you may know that petrified wood is obtained from trees that are fossilized in a particular way that preserves their shape and structure before their cells can fully decompose. The process takes millions of years and petrified wood is very rare.

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This tub is made by designer Nigel Fenwick and it’s currently up on display at INDEX an interior design exhibition taking place at the Dubai World Trade Center until March 29. Fenwick christened his tub “the Jewel” and stated on his website that it was crafted from a 14-tonne piece of petrified wood that’s around 180 million years old. It’s surface is embedded with gemstones that have formed over its long life and this material is even credited by some with therapeutic and healing properties.

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Fenwick is hoping to top the previous record for a petrified wood tub by pricing this one at a jaw-dropping $2 million (AED 7.35million).


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