This is the coolest hotel amenity ever. Guests at this hotel can soak in a bathtub on rails that actually rolls out to a small balcony that offers stunning views of the Swiss countryside

We have come across several types of bathtubs these past few years. There are some crazy ones like the stunning shoe-shaped bathtub from SICIS or a more modern and zen option like the Kohler bathtub offering aromatherapy, color-changing lights, and even fog. The Cupidon Room at the Auberge Aux 4 Vents hotel in Fribourg, Switzerland, comes with a unique feature- a gold-painted bathtub. It’s not the choice of color that this post is about but the fact that this shimmering bathtub is attached on rails for guests to soak in the warm bubbling water and the lovely view. Felix Unholz shared the luxurious bath as he sat in the tub while it rolled out of a window onto a small balcony specially designed for the tub.

As the windows opened, he rolled out with a full bath of bubbly water to relax in while he admired the stunning Swiss countryside from his room on the second floor. Felix said: “We saw the hotel room on the internet, we instantly knew that we had to stay there for a night.” the idea may sound bizarre to some people, but in all honesty, the child in us can’t wait to jump inside and then out the door and back again; you get the drift right?

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By the looks of it, there are a few things one needs to be careful about. First, do not leave the water running when you’re out on the balcony, or you will end up flooding the bathroom floor. Secondly, when you’re out looking like a complete diva soaked in a gorgeous golden bathtub against a panoramic backdrop, maintain your composure instead of splashing around like an excited bub to avoid splashing diners seated on the patio underneath. A polite hello or an extended dialogue from your unusual spot will truly make for some refreshing conversation, pun intended.

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[Via: Boing Boing]

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