Dipped in gold and studded with 250,000 crystals, this is one blinged bathtub

Looking to upgrade the bathroom anytime soon? Give it that luxe spa feel with a 24-carat gold bath. Yes, that’s right, a 24-carat gold bath complete with over 250,000 clear and topaz crystals is exactly what your bathroom is missing. Just think of how well it will match all your other fancy accessories!

The designer of the tub Celia Sawyer clearly sees how over the top her creation is since she called it ‘opulence gone mad’, but clearly not everyone thinks so since she was commissioned to design it.
Priced at £100,000, it features crystals cascading down the sides.
‘My client wanted something a little over the top but I don’t think you can call this tacky,’ she said. The identity of the buyer is unknown but it is supposedly a man from the Middle East with pretty deep pockets.
‘He’s already got dozens of bathrooms in his home and so I’m not even sure if he will use it as a bath. Still, it will be a nice bauble – especially at Christmas,’ she added.
For the bathtub, Sawyer worked with Robert Grace, who specializes in gold leaf mosaics for luxury sanitary ware.
Grace’s team of three craftsmen made the bath from yellow gold, lemon gold, and white gold.
‘Bathrooms have become the most important room in the house and people love to show them off,’ he said. ‘It’s all about vanity and when you can amaze your friends with something like this then it’s job done. You’ve made your point.’
Although this tub was created by commission, if you place an order now, you can have a similar tub ready for your bathroom by Christmas next year. For the price of £100,000, Sawyer will also throw in free delivery anywhere in the UK.

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