Gold toilet seats to Titanium toothbrushes – The 7 most expensive bathroom accessories

Some of the best ideas come to people in the bathroom. Remember Archimedes? He made an important discovery about determining the volume of an object through the amount of water it displaces when he got into his bathtub and found that the water level rose. We’ve heard that even Woody Allen takes long showers to get his creative juices flowing. The best ideas always come to eccentric people (Archimeded basically streaked through the streets shouting Eureka after making his big discovery) so indulge your extravagant side by giving your bathroom these luxe upgrades. Who knows? Maybe sitting on a solid gold toilet will give you the business idea of the century!

Theodent 300 Toothpaste: $100
Start your day by brushing your teeth with the world’s most expensive toothpaste. For the sum of $100 per tube this fluoride-free paste promises to strengthen and re-mineralize the enamel layer on your teeth. The minty toothpaste is packaged in a glitzy white and gold tube making it a perfect companion to the next item on our list.

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Reinast Luxury Toothbrush: $4,375
Made from titanium, these luxury toothbrushes feature an antibacterial coating between toothbrush and replaceable brush head. Crafted in Germany, they combine medical function and aesthetic beauty. Maybe a toothbrush worth nearly four and a half thousand dollars wasn’t on your grocery list before today, but now, nothing else will do!

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LE&G Blido Sink: $80,000
All that expensive brushing can’t happen in a regular old ceramic sink! That’s why you need Luxury Edition & Gallery’s Blido sink. Cast in aluminum, the sink is covered with 24 carat gold and can even be further blinged out with the addition of diamonds. Not sure how we feel about spitting in an $80,000 sink though.

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