At $100 a tube, Theodent 300 is the most expensive toothpaste in the world

When you think of luxury personal care products, you might think of creams and soaps, perfumes or shampoo; but have you ever thought of an ultra exclusive toothpaste? You can start now, because Theodent 300 is the last word in luxury oral care. Despite being formulated without the commonly used ingredient Fluoride, Theodent 300 promises to strengthen and re-mineralize the protective enamel layer of your teeth through its unique ingredient Rennou™. The patented ingredient was discovered by Dr. Tetsu Nakamoto and is a derivative of the cocoa bean. That’s almost like having chocolate in your toothpaste!

While all Theodent products contain Rennou, the 300 Whitening Crystal Mint is packed with an extra strength dose of the special ingredient. Priced at $100, the dental care product is for those who want to have the most enviable smiles around! In fact, it was also one of only 9 items handpicked to be in the in the International Emmy Gala gift bags in 2012. The minty toothpaste comes in exquisite white and gold packaging. Clearly you wont be using an Oral B from the nearest Walgreens, may we suggest something opulent like the most expensive toothbrush that is made from Titanium?

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