Deep Blue Sea is touted to be one of the most expensive hats ever sold at auction

Imagine strutting around with the deep blue sea resting on top your head! Oh no, I’m not talking about Arial the Mermaid, but arguable the most expensive hat to be brought to auction called as the “Deep Blue Sea”. Created by Australian milliner Ann Maree Willett and opal miners Vicki and Peter Drackett, the hat features opals that have been specially mined Australia’s Lightning Ridge. The hat is crafted in hand-blocked Australian felt and comes set with bright feathers and 26 opal that carry a total weight of around 1,447 carats. The carvings on the opal is done by Daniela L’Abbate and Christine Roussel and the stones come embedded in been sterling silver and 18-karat gold by Gerd Gerold Schulz.
It is touted to fetch between $150,000 and $200,000.

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The record for the most expensive hat in the world is currently held by the “hat of love” created by designer Louis Mariette, which is crafted in woven platinum and is studded with diamonds. This is valued at $2.7 million.