Iceland’s Secret Solstice Festival offers a $1 million ticket to see Radiohead and others

Last year, Iceland’s Secret Solstice Festival surprised us with the world’s most expensive concert ticket. Priced at $200,000 a single pass, we couldn’t fathom how this record could ever be beaten. It came to pass that the festival bosses have outdone themselves this year with a $1,000,000 pass. A million dollars on a concert ticket surely begs a lot of justification and that’s just what this prestigious indulgence can get you.

Labelled as the ‘ultimate festival experience’, the pass makes room for a fan and five cronies who will be treated to all things wonderful on June 16. The package includes a return flight in a private business jet from anywhere in the world, 24-hour access to two private luxury cars for a week, two private concerts by the best local musicians, complete access to the Secret Solstice Festival and all that it has to offer, a private aerial tour of Iceland, access to the world’s first concert in the dormant magma chamber of a volcano and private access to the country’s famous Blue Lagoon.

If that wasn’t enough then you could surely make do with a million bucks doing so many other things. The festival will take place inside Langjokull glacier. Regular tickets cost around $200.

[ Via : Ew ]

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