Chinese billionaire’s averse to philanthropy and decide to skip Bill Gates and Warren Buffett’s luxury dinner party

You won’t take your worldly wealth when you leave for your heavenly abode, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it while you’re alive and spent half your life to earn it? Maybe that’s why the Chinese are tying o steer clear of philanthropists Bill Gates and Warren Buffett as they hosted a billionaire’s banquet in China. That doesn’t mean the Chinese lack philanthropists; Chinese entrepreneur Chen Guangbiao has joined the elite group. While Gates and Buffett have lived a full life are have now grown tired of their rich, so much so to give it away without batting an eyelid, I guess Chinese entrepreneurs have a long wish list to reach that place yet.

As a result, only a handful of the 50 millionaires invited to a dinner party at a luxury hotel in north-west Beijing decide to show up. Being a communist country, Chinese billionaires have a lot to think about, like exposing the complete worth of their wealth, tax investigations, and forced donation by westerners. A local newspaper equaled the event to the “Hongmen Banquet; an underhanded banquet staged by a general of the Qin Dynasty, which aimed at entrapping and eventually killing his detractors.

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