Meet the Goldmund Logos Anatta, a speaker system that costs more than a Ferrari

Goldmund may not be the oldest AV manufacturer in the business nor perhaps the most popular, but for the audiophiles who will spare no expense to enthrall their auditory and aesthetic senses when it comes to home entertainment, they’re the ones on speed dial. As ultra luxury home entertainment systems go, Goldmund’s newly announced Logos Anatta seem to have been designed to bring a unique design concept to your, more than likely, already fabulous home, and give you a sense of accomplishment that you have indeed “arrived”.

Working on the wireless set up that keeps your home cable-clutter free, the company has produced a rather interesting set of speakers that could provide more than just great audio but could even prove to be a conversation piece.

Based lightly on a limited edition set from 25 years ago, the Logos Anatta pays homage to the ‘Apologue’ that was designed by Italian artist Claudio Rotta Loria. What looks like a set of three cubes of varying sizes strategically positioned one above the other on a metallic frame, the Logos Anatta, standing at 1.6 meters (5’6”), looks quite chic and appears to be well adapted to contemporary styles. It bears the traditional Goldmund aluminum motif with stain finish and black frames which should compliment most interiors quite well. Other materials that go into the design make up include – high quality steel, ultra-rigid brass rhodium, and a touch of gold.
As with all things high-priced the Logos Anatta speakers are assembled by hand and apparently follow a similar manufacturing process as those used by Swiss watchmakers i.e. using only the very best components from manufacturers who specialize in the making of those parts.

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The speakers have been designed to try and provide audio that comes as close to reality as possible hence the name ‘Anatta’ which translates to “absence of self” in Buddhism. The company claims that this can be achieved through a process known as “Proteus”, a Speaker Modeling technology that allows the engineers of the Goldmund Acoustic Laboratory to create speakers of any shape while maintaining the company’s extreme standards of sound quality. Thanks to a USB dongle for your PC, audio signals can reach the speakers quite easily from anywhere in the room. A wireless hub can be utilized in case you need to connect multiple devices to the speaker units. The only actual cable i.e. the power cord is quite concealed and runs within the frame.

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To add to the exclusivity of the system, the company provides recommendations on the best possible set up that would help the Logos Anatta truly ‘come to life’. Now naturally, with a high-end speaker system such as this, your bank account is going to take quite a hit, but to the elite few, it might be just as expensive as buying a new Ferrari and with a price tag like $ 295,000, I’s just about the same.

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