Mobiado Professional 3AF an ultra thin luxury phone

Vancouver based Canadian luxury mobile phone maker Mobiado has been in business for over a decade now. The company is known for its premium craftsmanship and the high-end luxury phones can be instantly recognized by their hallmark design. Back in 2004, Mobiado released the first device of the Professional line which became an instant hit back then. The luxury phone maker has unveiled the third phone to join the line-up named the ‘Professional 3 AF’. Mobiado’s latest offering has the same ultra-thin bar shaped styling with trademark small stainless steel round buttons.

The Professional 3AF comes with a CNC machined anodized aluminum body and large sapphire crystal plates which are precision inserted into the aluminum body. The body of the mobile phone has unique vertically machined grooves that augment the refined design. Just like other luxury mobile phones, the Processional 3AF sports less than impressive specs. It has a 2.4” QVGA display, expandable microSD memory, camera and video, internet access, Bluetooth 3.0, email support, and a music player. The dual-SIM phone comes unlocked and is compatible with all GSM network operators. It will be available in three colors: Black, Black Satin, and Silver.

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