Moleskine partners with Livescribe to transform the future of stationery

While most of you may be satisfied with jotting down your notes in notebooks with ink pens, we have our eyes glued on the Livescribe 3 smartpen Moleskin Edition. The prominent notebook brand has collaborated with the flourishing smartpen to fashion the future of stationery like no other. If you happen to purchase the $230-priced stationery hamper, here’s what you will stumble upon; a chic Livescribe 3 smartpen, a tool belt, a premium Moleskine notebook and yes, indeed a one-year subscription Evernote Premium and Livescribe+ apps for iOS and Android.

As you doodle on the pages of your Moleskine notebook using the stylish smartpen, your words and sentences will magically appear on your phone/tablet in the Livescribe+ mobile app where they can sync with recorded audio in the form of a pencast.

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Only recently, the much-loved notebook label launched notebooks to commemorate 100 years of the iconic curvy Coca-Cola bottles! Moleskine has our attention simply because it’s one of the most upscale and trendy stationery curators of our time.

[ Via : Engadget]

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