Mophie collaborates with fashion designer Valentino for a limited edition powerstation

In an increasingly dynamic world we’re seeing more and more tech brands reach out to fashion connoisseurs in creative and exciting ways. First it was Diane von Furstenberg and Google who joined hands to create a new interpretation of Google Glass, now it is North America’s bestselling mobile battery case brand Mophie that is bringing the haute couture touch of Valentino to their brand.

The Italian designer who has become a household name due to his stunning Red collections has now lent his signature touch to Mophie to create a limited edition powerstation for the Cash and Rocket 2014 Tour with proceeds from the sales of each powerstation going to three organizations that bring aid to women and children namely, Shine on Sierra Leone, OrphanAid Africa and Sumbandila. The case is an update on Mophie’s Powerstation 4000 model, clothed in deep, glossy red with a compact body and bearing the words Valentino Rouge Absolut, referencing the Spring/Summer 2014 that inspired its design. Limited to just 500 pieces, the powerstation will feature an exclusive packaging and there are no plans on the horizon to reproduce this collaboration.

The powerstation is available for purchase at the Mophie website for $350, not a bad price for a piece of Valentino, and it’s for a good cause! We approve!


[Available at Mophie Via Yahoo]

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