Motorola unveils Moto G Ferrari Edition with Kevlar back panel, but is only for Mexico

Along with the new budget Android smartphone Moto E, Motorola announced a new version of the Moto G, the company’s most successful smartphone to date, at a launch event in London a few days back. The new Moto G comes with LTE and Micro SD card slot, but if you find the regular version too bland, Motorola has also come up with a Ferrari edition of the smartphone. We have seen quite a few Ferrari branded Motorola mobile phones in the past like the RAZRmaxx V6 Ferrari Challenge Mobile Phone, but they were never as luxurious or special as the Vertu mobile phones sporting the prancing horse insignia. The new Moto G Ferrari Edition isn’t any different.

The Motorola Moto G Ferrari Edition is based on the 16GB LTE version of the phone and other specifications remain virtually the same. But as far as the looks are concerned, instead of a polycarbonate shell it sports a Kevlar back panel with the iconic Ferrari logo. Motorola also said that the special edition smartphone will come with exclusive Ferrari content and special accessories. But strangely, the Moto G Ferrari Edition appears to be exclusive to the Mexican market as the company is yet to reveal plans to release the device outside the country. Motorola is going to be selling the phone for $387 (MXN 4,999) starting from June.

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