Motorola Aura Phone is a transcending beauty

Motorola’s latest fashion venture is that Aura, which is a stainless steel and tungsten beauty. This swivel phone boasts of a circular display with 300dpi resolution. It displays 16 million colors and is covered by scratch-resistant 62-carat sapphire crystal. It has quad-band GSM/EDGE radios, as well as Bluetooth v2.0+EDR and A2DP. It sports a 2-megapixel fixed-focus camera that also records video. The media player and messaging capabilities are quite cool. The Aura uses an open-source browser and will be available worldwide in the last quarter. At the center of the mechanical heart is a Swiss-made main bearing, which serves as the foundation allowing the blade to rotate with seamless precision. The custom-engineered rotating mechanism has 130 precision ball bearings that drive the assisted-opening blade-like opening the door on a high-end luxury car. On the 100,000th opening, the blade glides with the same fluidity and grace that it did on its first.

Motorola Aura also features CrystalTalk technology that delivers supreme clarity and deep resonance to every single conversation. PVD coating similar to the one used in luxury watches, gives AURA its polished, mirrored shine. Individual aluminum keys are formed, anodized, spin-finish applied and assembled.

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