Park bench sized Boom Bench to keep you rocking

There are some people who never like to be apart from their music. Now for all those music junkies here is another amazing way to enjoy your music even in public places. Yes, it’s true people, thanks to the all-new Boom Bench that is sure to give you one rocking time at your local park. The Boom Bench features eight 60-watt co-axial speakers and two subwoofers that can be accessed through Bluetooth. So all you need is your Bluetooth supported mobile handset and the boom bench is ready to shake your world. A Bass Shaker in the seat transforms the deep sounds into vibrations that enhance the physical sensation of your tunes. So enjoy yourselves and make your usual walk in the park a memorable experience with 95 dB high-quality sounds, courtesy Boom Bench.

So if you think this bench is just what your park needs, why not convince your local authorities, and look forward to some musical times ahead.

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