Pek Supremo…treats your wine well!

Be it table wines, sparkling wines or cooking wines, the Pek wine preservation systems are gonna make the best out of even the moderate ones. It knows exactly how to treat what and why. It has now come with a contraption that will be blessed by all wine lovers as its not a hidden truth as to how much the taste matters to them; and what good is the wine gonna taste when the temperature is all wrong? I ask thee, wine lover. Not only are they famous for the contemporary European designs they have just the right technology to maintain the temperatures of those luscious wines. With the Supremo wine Steward, you can never be too far away from your perfect wine. These are a bunch of smart heads that use 100% argon technology to preserve the bottles of wine and don’t matter if they are open and in order to prevent oxidation the inert gas, argon replaces oxygen.

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A “Varietal Guide” on the back allows you to cool your wine to the perfect serving temperature. Cool-blue LED lighting of the wine’s label completes the viewing experience. If black doesn’t happen to be your color then you can always go for silver and the Pek Supremo can serve your guests after you have paid $219.95.

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