Taylor’s releases rare 150 year old pre-phylloxera tawny port

There has always been an argument over the superiority of pre-phylloxera wines over post-phylloxera wines with most thinking the former wins hands down when it comes to superior taste and quality. But chances of getting your hands on a pre-phylloxera period wine are scarce. Given this superior ranked wine’s rarity, wine connoisseurs have no qualms about shelling out thousands of pounds to acquire this fine blend. Well, if you are one such wine connoisseur in search of that pre-phylloxera period wine, here is your chance. Taylor’s has just released a pre-phylloxera tawny port with more than 150 years of cask age. Taylor’s Scion, which has been maturing in the Douro since 1855, was bought in the cask by the company earlier this year. And instead of blending it with its 30 and 40-year-old tawny blends, Taylor has decided to release this pre-phylloxera wine at the cost of £2,500 ($3,935) a bottle.

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According to Adrian Bridge, CEO of The Fladgate Partnership, owner of Taylor’s, “This wine still has some nice acidity, which gives some bite to the wine and gives something that is just quite extraordinary.”
The wine will come packaged in a specially designed decanter and wooden box based on a 19th-century instrument case. Limited to 1,400 bottles only, this new offering from Taylor’s will surely be usurped by the wine connoisseurs in a jiffy.

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