Picturesque Portuguese village is drenched with 580,000 gallons of red wine after a local distillery’s storage tanks burst open

You may have heard of ‘it’s raining men,’ but have you heard of its pouring wine? Residents of the small Portuguese town of São Lourenco do Bairro watched the town get a coat of red as two of its tanks accidentally spilled 2.2 million liters or 600,000 gallons of red wine down a quiet street. Two tanks owned by Levira Distillery were responsible for baffling locals as red liquid enough to fill an Olympic swimming pool came rushing down a steep hill. An online video showed the massive spill that could trigger an environmental alert. The Anadia Fire Department blocked off the flood before it intoxicated the Certima River.

They couldn’t, however, stop the red wine from flooding a basement at a residence near the distillery. Levira Distillery has since apologized for the incident, per the NY Post, “We assume full responsibility for the costs associated with cleaning and repairing the damage, having teams do so immediately. We are committed to resolving this situation as quickly as possible.”

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Levira distillery

In September 2020, a Spanish winery flooded 50,000 liters of red wine when a massive storage tank burst open at the Bodegas Vitivinos winery in Villamalea. The quantities from Levira Distillery were nearly four times the Spanish mishap.

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