Schumacher Mi3 is the world’s fastest remote controlled car

You’ve heard of the most expensive man-size RC car, the Hummer H3, the scaled models of Lambhorgini and Audi, and may also have basked at the glory of owning one. But nothing comes close to this little beauty. Made by the obsessive R/C maker Nic Case in six long months, the Schumacher Mi3, with its top speed of 161.76mph, is the world’s fastest RC model.

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A rocket-looking, streamlined bullet shaped Schumacher Mi3 was made at the cost of over $4,000 and came outfitted with a handcrafted carbon-fiber chassis and is powered by an 11-horsepower motor and a 12-cell battery pack.
One of a kind car, our wait is if it would be replicated, or is Case on another case now…Say, a 200mph speed model called the streamliner?

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