SimPod 1 is a gaming rig for flying and driving simulations

The current gaming industry is worth $67 billion will grow to as much as $82 billion by 2017. The technological advances we see today in gaming only stand as a true indication of that number. One such is the SimPod 1 by SimRoom. The SimPod 1 integrates the TOOB dome screen and D-BOX for a flat screen as large as 55 inches creating the ultimate gaming rig. This lets the rig offer a real-time and closest simulation for racing games.

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Perfect for both driving and flying games, the rig can give you complete isolation with a door that can be opened and closed. This rig truly stands apart from the rest because it can be accustomed with desired applications and custom additions. An impeccable experience for a serious gamer, this rig can be picked up for $25,000.
[Pursuitist and Simroom]

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