Solid Platinum iPad Supreme Edition is world’s most expensive iPad

Stuart Hughes is one man who loves to upstage his wife (or at least that’s what his latest creation seems to suggest). The man has dazzled one and all by unveiling the world’s first solid Platinum and diamond iPad that is sure to rival the gold and diamond iPad designed by his wife, Katherine. Christened the Solid Platinum iPad SUPREME Edition, this platinum gadget upstages its gold counterpart in looks and price. In fact, with a price tag of £299,995 ($434,930), the platinum iPad SUPREME Edition is the world’s most expensive iPad.

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Encrusted with a total amount of 173 individually set ‘IF’ Flawless diamonds, weighing 85.5 cts in totality. The sparkling gems are placed beautifully on the skillfully crafted solid Platinum rear section, which weighs in at a huge 2,700 grams. Polished to perfection, this iPad perfectly unites the precious metal with today’s most hi-tech technology. A limited-edition creation, this exquisite platinum iPad is restricted to just 5 units.
Stuart Hughes Platinum iPad is the Wi-Fi & 3G, 64GB and is available here.