Sony Bravia E-4000 is a TV disguised as a Photo frame

Alright, hanging Flat Panel TV’s on the wall is the new trend, and so is hanging photo frames. But if you could imagine a combination of both of these, it’s nothing less than an unstipulated debacle. Sony’s taken its reputation of impressive images to a whole new level by disguising the sets as paintings or antique mirrors. They’re available in the UK market in screen sizes of 26, 32, and 40 inches. If you’re a photo frame connoisseur, the only setback you’d face is the ‘disability’ of the photo frame in time of a power outage.

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The “Picture Frame Mode” in the latest LCD TV displays six “artistic masterpieces” when the TV is turned off. These is also a facility of importing photos from an in-built USB connection and they come in a range of four finishes to match your home’s interior.

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