Storm cloud shaped wireless speaker levitates while playing your favorite tracks

Ever heard the phrase, “making it rain”? Well, a couple of interesting companies have come together to do just that. Design firm Richard Clarkson Studio and Crealev (they are apparently levitation experts, bookmark that as a dream job) have collaborated to create a levitating speaker designed to look like a fluffy white cloud. An indoor floating cloud that plays music? Just take our money!

The fluffy cloud appearance comes from polyester fibers that actually conceal the real speaker which is hidden inside the dense mass of white.
Sound-reactive LED lights on the Bluetooth speaker make the cloud look like it’s flashing with lightning while magnets of opposite polarity (one in the cloud and another in the oval base) allow the device to hover a few inches off the base.
The product is still in the prototype phase, but there are definitely plans to sell this as a commercial product. This cloud speaker promises to instantly become the best new addition to your living room (you’re going to want to show it off!) when it becomes available for purchase.

[ Via : Mymodernmet ]

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