The $185,000 racing simulator that is suspended and is the world’s most “realistic”

You don’t need a home as big as the Imola circuit to drive a race car at home. What you really need instead is the Hammacher-Schlemmer racing simulator! Hailed as the world’s most realistic racing simulator, this geek-dream was also selected by the Ford Motor Company in order to demonstrate ride experiences. What makes this simulator so much better than your large-screen television hooked up to a racing wheel and a gaming console? For starters, the simulator comes with linear servo actuators, enabling its suspended, monocoque fibreglass chassis to roll, pitch, and also rotate 360°. Simply put, all of this allows users to actually experience the thrill of entering corners at 200mph!

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The simulator is as realistic as it gets, with the front of the chassis dipping while breaking and pushing forward when the accelerator is tapped. Capable of supporting a user weight of 300lbs, the simulator uses an actual racing seat, a seatbelt for safety, two paddle gear shifters, a steering wheel, accelerator, brake, and of course, a clutch. Users can chose from 12 race cars on this simulator, including stock cars, GT, F1 and F3 race cars. Apart from this, the simulator also includes a number of road-courses as well as tracks like the Joesville Speedway and the Nuerburg, all of which is displayed on a 108″-wide, triple HD monitor display, hooked up to a 500-watt audio system. All of this comes for a price of $185,000, just about enough to buy more than a couple of real cars.

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