Porsche 996 GT3 stripped and outfitted to create a virtual simulator

Every driving enthusiast yearns to feel the adrenaline rush experienced while throwing open the throttle of a supercar on a racing track. Only a restricted few with a racing license can actually do that, but track days open to all – which have become massively popular – do manage to give a portion of the thrill. But do you wish to take the experience to a different level by racing a Porsche 996 GT3 on its limits on some of the most iconic circuits? Head to Virtual Circuit in Akasaka in Tokyo, Japan, and drive a racing spec Porsche 996 GT3 on 100 different racing circuits including Fuji Speedway, Suzuka Circuit, Nürburgring, and Monaco.

It’s not like any other arcade racing games but a professional grade racing simulator made out of an actual stripped 996 GT3, which has been digitally calibrated to exactly replicate the real racer on a track. A team of professional racing drivers honed the simulator by giving their feedback to engineers to make it as realistic as it could get. The whole process took close to 6 months to make the virtual simulator calibrated to near perfection.

Sitting in a proper racing seat with a 5-point harness, the driver has a curved 7 meters wide HD screen placed exactly at 2 meters distance. Engineers claim that it gives the brain the sense that what is being looked at is actual road and scenery, not a screen. Different racing conditions can be chosen, and the car’s handling can be modified accordingly, mimicking the real racing experience. All this brilliance can be experienced for ¥5,000 per person ($50 approx).


[Via – Akihabaranews]

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