Billionaires and oligarchs ditch your USB charger – Here is a $250,000 wireless charger made of 18K gold

Thanks to luxury lifestyle brand Volonic – we can now lay hands on an iconic wireless charger that is made from yellow gold and pure vicuna wool. We’re talking about its luxurious Valet 3 wireless charger special edition that has recently hit the market.

Complete with a frame of 18K yellow gold and a surface covered with the rarest and most coveted wool on the planet -vicuna (costing thousands of dollars a yard), the tech accessory is every bit glam and can even be customized further.

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It is powered by Aira’s FreePower technology that uses an 18-coil matrix and can be used to charge up to three devices simultaneously. It features 3 LED charging indicators and aims to give users a position-free wireless charging experience.

Commenting on it, Volonic founder and CEO Shawn Dougherty said, “The charging industry has become value-driven at the expense of innovation and artistic design…The limited-edition Volonic Valet 3 LE is a dramatic expression of our brand ethos. We believe innovative technology, forward-thinking industrial design, and elegant style can produce functional pieces of art for discerning customers.”

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Touted to be ‘a unique fusion between fashion and technology’, the price of the limited-edition Valet 3 wireless charger will fluctuate with the daily value of gold. It currently retails at $249,933.99. (approx.). Fancy buying it?

[Available at: Volonic]

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